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Jonathan and team, thank you for taking the time to connect. Below is a proposal that outlines the proposed build and features requested.

Project Goal

To build a new marketing site for Event Genius that is in line with the Festicket brand. The goal is to deliver a responsive web design built in Webflow that is reflective of the designs and structures laid out by the team.

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Custom Features

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Custom Features

Get it right from the start, with training and support in marketing and reporting.
Get a full-service, custom solution designed and priced for your unique needs.

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Business Class Hosting

Custom Styling

Enterprise Integrations

Multiple Template Pages

Site Search

Team Account Setup

Multi-Language Support

Custom Blog

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Proposed Dates

Go Live Date


November 2020

On Sale

Event Start Date

Event End Date

Estimated Build Time

4-6 Weeks

Number of Reviews


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Proposed Pricing


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Thank You

We look forward to working with


on this project. Please reach feel free to reach out to us with any questions about this proposal.

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Prepared by
Gabe Lamberth
August 14, 2020